Losing weight, although difficult and time consuming, is something that many of aspire to do with summer around the corner. Imagine going on holiday, or even to a local lake, with the body of your dreams. But before we start to daydream and fantasize, what about other areas of our health that may benefit from shedding a few unwanted pounds? If you’re anything like 40% of¬†Americans [1], you probably suffer from heartburn after eating a particular food item.

Although many individuals claim to suffer after eating spicy meals, a trigger could stem from a multitude of reasons. In fact, a large portion of sufferers experience discomfort on account of excessive weight gain and obesity creating unwanted pressure on their body.

Each one of our bodies contains various sizes and shapes that dictate how our organs are placed throughout the system. Similarly, each frame has a weight capacity that it can withstand without causing any problems to our health. When this weight limit is exceeded, we can become susceptible to various issues like gas, heartburn and irritable bowels.

When a person finds themselves overweight, the excess pressure presses on the valve that acts as a seal between the Esophagus and the stomach. The stomach acid, which is largely responsible for breaking down our food for digestion, then moves its way back into our throat and causes a burning sensation. This issue can be accompanied by foul breath, excessive burping and sensitivity while eating.

What’s more, losing weight creates a relief in tension and bloating after eating a meal during the day. Ask yourself this: have you ever ate a meal only to feel terrible afterward? This common occurrence happens from our excess body weight pressing against various organs in the upper body.