Do you feel like your chest is on fire? Or are you an adult and every time you eat a particular food you feel an irritating sensation that feels like your chest is burning?

Do you feel like your throat is burning and feel some tasty acidic liquid at the back of your throat? Do you feel that you have heartburn? These are symptoms of acid reflux.

Did your doctor confirm the fact that you have heartburn? Are you suffering from occasional heartburn? Do you use traditional antacids that reliefs you but hinders your digestion by causing constipation and other digestion problems?  There is a solution!  And this solution is Axia3®prodigestive® Antacid.

Axia3®prodigestive® Antacid is a magical elixir, it is the earliest antacids supplement that provides a quick succors from casual and frequent heartburn and also aid digestion. Heartburn causes discomfort; but Axia3®prodigestive® Antacid is best for individuals that suffer from this pain that arises from, stress diet posture size, weight, etc. 

How does it work?

This kind of antacid differs from all other antacids because it is produced with a perfect combination of natural prodigestive enzymes. After neutralizing the acid and relieving the occasional heartburns. It still delivers prodigestive® enzymes to the digestive system which continue in the breaking down of food and also absorb nutrient that you need to stay healthy.

Other traditional antacids do not provide this kind of special help; the reason is that the digestive system needs enzymes such as pepsin and a-amylase to break food and this enzyme is only active in acidic medium. Traditional antacid cannot provide prodigestive® enzymes to continue the breaking down of food after they help in relieving the heartburn.

Axia3®prodigestive® Antacid delivers the quicker relief than other traditional antacids. Therefore, it does not only provide relief from frequent or casual heartburn it also provides a safe and healthy digestion because of the presence of these pro-digestive enzymes.

Axia3®prodigestive® Antacid is an all natural kind of antacids, unlike synthetic antacids that could have side effects, Axia3®prodigestive® Antacid is all organic.